Tagging your items for the sale...

Supplies you may need and where to find them
You might already have most of the items that you will need around the house. Most items that you don't have on-hand are easily (and inexpensively) purchased at Wal-Mart or the Dollar store.

Price Tags

Price tags may be purchased at Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Staples, or other office supply stores. They must measure: 1 3/32 in. x 1 3/4 in. They come in bunches of 100 or 500. If you have trouble finding these, please contact us via e-mail with the subject line "String Tags".


We strongly prefer plastic hangers over metal hangers. If you run out of hangers, asking friends, families, neighbors, and other Moms can yield a jackpot! If you have exhausted those avenues, please refer to the FAQ tab on our website for additional ideas on where you might be able to find some. Please keep in mind that Consignors will be able to keep the hangers from their presale purchases and are welcome to provide a box at drop off that we will do our best to fill with hangers for pick-up following the event.

Safety Pins

Used for keeping multiple items together or to help an item stay on its hanger. Please use medium-sized pins (no tiny gold pins, straight pins, or staples) to attach items together. These can be found in boxes of 200 at Dollar Tree or in smaller quantities at Wal-Mart. While pins can be used for attaching price tags, it is strongly preferred that you use a tagging gun. The tags are more secure and the tagging gun is a lot easier on your fingers! A much more effective and secure way to tag your clothing items, it will also cut down on your prep time! Tagging gun kits are inexpensive and available online through eBay. Search for "Pricing gun" and look for options that ship from the United States to ensure that you will get it in a reasonable timeframe. We recommend using 3" barbs. Tagging guns and barbs are also available, albeit more expensively, at some of the local office supply stores. Please call ahead for availability and pricing.

Clear Mailing Tape

For sealing the tops of Ziploc bags and keeping toy pieces together (available at Dollar stores or Wal-Mart).

Ziploc Bags

For grouping smaller items (available at Dollar stores).

Sharpie Marker

To mark your seller information on Ziploc bags (available at Dollar stores).

General Tagging Information

Attach tags to clothes with a tagging gun (preferred) or a safety pin. The barb or pin should be placed through the size/care tag to avoid any damage to the fabric. MOST fabrics will be irreversibly damaged if you do not tag/pin them properly. While some fabrics are especially prone to damage (nylon, spandex, etc.), knits and other cottons can be easily damaged as well, if not handled properly. No outfit, no matter how awesome, will sell if it has a hole in it. Pants can also be tagged UNDER a belt loop if you like. No tag? No problem. Just put the pricing gun barb or pin in at a seam where the fabric comes together...you won't even have to puncture the fabric. **The barb should be put through the hole in the paper portion of the tag and the string removed. When using a pin, you will pin the string portion of the string tag to the item, so that the paper portion is dangling freely. NEVER attach the tag to the hanger. It must be securely attached to the clothing item itself.

**Fabric Alert**

Take great care when tagging spandex, nylon, and knit fabrics. For example, girls bathing suits should NEVER be pinned anywhere other than through the size/care tag or, as a last resort, through the seam on a shoulder strap. Doing so will leave a permanent hole in the spandex material. Also, nylon jackets and even some cotton knits (T-shirt material) can be damaged when pinned. If you have any doubt that a fabric will not "heal" when the pin is removed, please take special care in tagging the piece at a seam so it will not be damaged. We all want to get what we pay for!

Small Items

Baby accessories, rattles, LIKE NEW socks, bows, etc. should be grouped together appropriately and placed in Ziploc bags. Please seal the top of the bag with CLEAR mailing tape. Tape the string portion of the price tag to the Ziploc bag. Do NOT place the tag inside the bag. Write the 7-digit item number and the price ON THE BAG with a Sharpie marker in case the tag becomes separated during the sale. NO clothing items should be placed in bags -- shoppers will want to 'check them out' for stains, etc. before they buy. Clothing pieces in bags don't sell and will need to be re-packaged before they will be accepted.

Teeny Tiny Clothing Pieces

Infant undershirts, plain onesie undershirts, bibs, etc. should be tagged, but not hung. Multiple pieces can be pinned together when appropriate and sold in groups. Only items that are the SAME SIZE should be grouped. Please do NOT place these items in bags, since shoppers will want to check them over. Bagged items will NOT sell and will need to be re-packaged before we can accept them into inventory. Please keep in mind that these items are PLENTIFUL and bring only those items that are in PERFECT condition. NO clothing items should be placed in bags -- they will not sell. All sleepers, pajamas, and onesies that can be worn by themselves (not undershirts) should be presented on hangers.

Children's Shoes

Shoes can be a little tricky to tag. First, use string or yarn to tie the shoes together securely, then pin the price tag to a shoelace or through the shoe eyelet. We strongly advise that you put the item's 7-digit number on masking tape on the bottom of each shoe. In your description, be sure to include the size and gender. Shoes must be in LIKE NEW condition. **Please leave all shoeboxes at home. Shoes will not be displayed in their boxes, so the boxes may get lost.**

Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets should be hung for display, so that shoppers can see them. Multiple blankets can be grouped and should be pinned securely together to ensure that they do not become separated. Due to lack of buyer interest, Snuggle Bugs no longer carries crib bedding sets.

Large Toys and Baby Gear

Use CLEAR mailing tape to attach the tag to the item so it will be visible to shoppers. If there are multiple pieces, include that in the description and attach a piece of masking tape to EACH piece with the item's 7-digit number, '1 of 3'/'2 of 3'/etc., and the price. This will help to keep sets together and enable us to identify your item even if the tag comes off!

Furniture & Baby Equipment

Furniture must be complete and assembled. You will be responsible for assembly. All pieces MUST meet current safety standards and must NOT be subject to recall. **Please jot down or print out assembly/dis-assembly instructions if possible. This will make buyers more comfortable that they will be able to re-construct the item when they get it home -- and your items will sell better and faster! Place small parts and pieces in Zip-loc bags and tape them securely to the item with CLEAR packing tape. Write the 7-digit item number on the bag(s) with a Sharpie marker in case the bag becomes separated during the sale. Instructions/user manuals are always helpful to include. Many can be found online and printed.

Toys, Books, and Walking/Talking Stuffed Animals

If you are unsure about any item or have additional questions, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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