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Participating in a Snuggle Bugs resale event is the first selling experience for many consignors. To help you succeed with your very first sale, we have compiled a list of suggestions from seasoned and successful consignors. They have lived and learned so you can benefit from their experience! These tips for prepping your items, pricing your items, and a discussion of potential pitfalls will help you find success right out of the gate.

Success with the Snuggle Bugs event comes down to three key factors…quality, pricing, and bundling. The most successful approach can vary slightly depending on which event you are participating in. The following are all comments from real consignors like you who have already learned the ropes. Read on to learn from the pros!


  1. If it doesn’t look nice – shoppers won’t buy it. Jamming a great big hanger into the waistband of a tiny little pair of pants makes them look freakish AND stretches them out. Make sure you use little kid hangers for little kid items. Your clothes will look great and SELL!
  2. Take an extra few minutes to iron that cotton dress. Wrinkled items don’t sell well. The extra effort will pay off!
  3. Don’t bother trying to sneak a stained item into the middle of a bundle. It will be pulled from the sales floor during the quality check and your other ‘good’ items won’t sell either.
  4. Watch those pins! Don’t damage your items by pinning through the front of a shirt! It can come off of the runway in Paris but, if you put a hole in it, no one will buy it!
  5. Look out for stains. Baby items: Formula and milk can leave yellow protein stains around the neckline of outfits, especially if the items were stored in the attic where extreme temperatures could affect them. They look perfect when you put them away and come back out with all sorts of crazy stains! Check your items in a well-lit area to spot the spots! Older Kid's and Ladies items: Watch the cuffs and the knees. Distressed styles are very popular...when they are in the condition that they left the store in. Don't mistake a blown out knee or torn up, walked on cuffs for 'distressed'. They will get pulled from the sales floor during the quality review.


  1. Don’t make the newbie mistake of overpricing your items or you’ll drag all of your items back home! Baby things are expensive, but you need to put yourself in the position of the shopper.
  2. SUCCESSFUL Pricing for resale:
    · Clothing -- price around 20% of the retail price (estimate the retail price and divide by 5)
    · Non-clothing items like baby gear, toys, and mommy gear -- price around 25% of the retail price (estimate the retail price and divide by 4)
    · New with tag? Still keep the pricing around clearance rack pricing (one-third of the retail)
    · Snuggle Bugs’ Pricing Cheat Sheet will help. Click here for a printable copy.

  3. Tip: NEVER price an item higher than YOU would be willing to pay at resale
  4. Tip: Price your items to sell at FULL price. LOTS of shoppers don’t come back for the half price sale and you will miss out on sales if you price your items too high. It is better to price an item at $8.00 and get paid on the full price sale than to over-price it at $10 and MAYBE sell it for $5 on the half price day. The shopper who liked it isn’t willing to overpay and very well might not come back for a second round of shopping!
  5. Tip: Too attached? Don’t let your attachment to your items lead you to over-price them. Get your items on hangers and invite your girlfriend over and have HER price them. She doesn’t picture how absolutely adorable your little one looked in that beautiful dress the same way you do and will be more objective (and accurate) with the pricing.
  6. Baby Items (special notes): Clothing is THE most popular gift that new parents receive. That means that resale pricing needs to be aggressive in order to be successful. Once you get to size 2T, you can go up a bit, but baby clothes should be priced no more than one-fifth of their price in a retail store.

Bundling -- Be a SMART bundler!

  1. NEVER mix sizes in a bundle. It will hurt your sales and aggravate shoppers
  2. Baby Clothing (special notes): bundling multiple sleepers or onesies together is very effective and complete outfits are a huge hit! Bundle items that have a similar style so they will all appeal to the same shopper
  3. Little Ones vs Older Kids(special notes): Bundling outfits works for clothing UP TO size 2T. For sizes 2T and up, you can actually hurt your sales by creating outfits. Why? Beyond size 2T, many children are different sizes on the top and bottom. The better way to bundle for sizes 2T and up is to combine multiple shirts or multiple bottoms together. Shoppers will NOT buy an outfit bundle if only one piece will fit their child.
  4. Prepping/Hanging bundled items: It is critical that bundled items stay together. Attaching items together without damaging them is important. Clothing items (whether on separate hangers or not) should be PINNED TOGETHER in a way that does not damage the fabric of any of the pieces. If one item falls off its hanger, the items will still stay together. Bundled toys and other non-clthing items should be be properly secured so they stay together...put multiple pairs of socks in a Ziploc bag and seal the top with clear mailing tape. Tape or wrap toys together to secure them. If you are unsure about how to properly prepare an item, contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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