Pricing Guidelines

The most important thing to keep in mind when pricing your items is that the ONLY way for you to make money is to get your items from the rack to the register. We have provided some general pricing guidelines to help you. Please feel free to call or email us with questions. Please click here for a Pricing Cheat Sheet that will have you pricing like a seasoned pro!

$2 rule. ALL items need to be priced at a minimum of $2. Please price in half dollar increments ($2, $2.50, etc.). It is perfectly fine to group similar themed items together so that they will equal a value of at least $2.00. For example, multiple onesies, T shirts, small toys, videos, etc. can be grouped together to reach a value of at least $2. Grouped clothing items MUST BE the SAME SIZE. Groupings of unrelated items will NOT sell and they will not be accepted for the sale.

Price your items reasonably. Shoppers attending this event will not be in the mindset of paying near-retail prices. Keep in mind what the item retails for, what someone would pay for it secondhand, and the condition of the item. It is best to imagine what you would pay for the item if you were shopping.

Item Quality. Please keep in mind that, regardless of brand name, items that are worn, faded, or out of date do NOT sell and will be refused or pulled from the sales floor before the sale begins.

Half-Price Pricing Strategy. While many items sell on the half-price day, many shoppers only come through one time. If your item is over-priced, you risk losing sales even if you offer it at half off. It is an ineffective strategy to price something higher than you would be willing to pay for it in hopes that it will sell anyway. It would be better price it more reasonably to ensure a sale. It is better to get paid for ALL of a $7.00 sale than HALF of a $10.00 sale. If you do NOT wish to have an item sell for half-price, you will be able to indicate that when you enter your items. Try to use this feature sparingly to avoid missing out on sales.

As a general rule, try to price your toy and baby gear items 1/4 to 1/3 of the original sale price. Baby clothing items should be priced fairly aggressively, at about 1/5 of the original price, since baby clothing tends to be plentiful and first-time parents will have received many clothing gifts for the new baby. Clothing is the most popular gift given to new parents.


Price clothing items around 20% of their original cost. Bundling multiple onesies, sleepers, or creating appealing outfits will increase your chances of a sale. Quality Note: All items that are bundled need to be the same size and avoid the temptation to put a lower-quality item somewhere in the middle of the grouping. Our shoppers are smart and our Quality Check volunteers are on the look out for items that do not meet our quality standards. Groupings that include stained, worn, or damaged items will be removed from the sales floor.

Baby Equipment:

If the item is like new and a current design, then price it at 25 to 40% of the original cost. If the design is a bit older, then price it at 20 to 30% of the original cost. (For Example: Exer-saucers of older, more basic design are worth less than a comparable newer model with all of the bells and whistles.) Items sell better when they include user manuals, folding instructions (for strollers and playpens), etc.


Price items at 25 to 40% of the original price. Cribs go from $40 to over $100. Due to space constraints, toddler beds will be offered at the Snuggle Bugs Toy Sale.

Mommy Gear:

Price items at 20 to 35% of the original cost. Baby carriers that retail for $60 to $100 will NOT sell for close to that amount. Baby Bjorns, for example, sell most successfully in the $15 to $30 range. Please keep in mind that shoppers are looking for a nice deal on a great item. Don't price yourself out of the market.


Price items at 20 to 35% of the original cost--depending on the popularity of the toy.


Price videos at approximately 25% of their original price. Only title appropriate for infants will be accepted at this sale.


Price them at 20-25% of their original cost. Books need to be in like new condition with no pages missing, ripped bindings, or additional 'artwork' that was added by someone along the way, etc. It is fine to group similar or related books together.

Please feel free to call or email with us pricing questions. We want to help you to be successful!

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