merchandise preparation

Basic Guidelines

Clothing Guidelines

Super-Duper Important!!!** Sorting your clothing by size and gender will make your data entry a breeze and will make your drop-off much quicker.**Anyone who has participated in the past will tell you that this is CRUCIAL.

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Hanging Tips

All pants must be on pant hangers or pinned at the side of the waist to a hanger -- not folded over, as they tend to end up on the floor. All skirts should be hung this way as well. **NOTE: Please do NOT jam a hanger into the waistline of a pair of pants. It looks awful and often ruins the piece, making it unable to be sold.


The trick with sets is to have both pieces viewable without unpinning them. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to hang them on separate hangers, rubber band the hangers together at the base of the neck of the hangers or use a ziptie to 'zip' them together through the BODY of the hangers (they will fall off if you put them around the neck of the hanger), and carefully pin the pieces together to avoid damaging them. This makes it clear to shoppers that these items are sold together. Only use rubber bands or zipties to connect the hangers. Ribbon, string, and other methods have proven ineffective for keeping items together.


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