Fundraising Opportunities

  1. It's easy! -- No selling or order fulfillment...just participate with us and promote the event to earn $$!
  2. It's flexible! -- There are multiple ways for your group to earn $$. You can do whatever works best for YOU!
  3. The payout is great -- Earn more by combining fundraising options and maximize your group's payout!

How it works...

Do you have a mom's group, preschool, scout troop, club, youth group, youth sports team, or other organization that is interested in fundraising? We love helping area associations and groups by being a fundraising partner! If your group wants an easy fundraiser, consider Snuggle Bugs resale event! Snuggle Bugs offers simple ways for local groups to earn extra money without any hassles, cash outlays, or in-depth time commitments. Regardless of which option(s) you choose, Snuggle Bugs will support your efforts with customizable email and printable flyers, posters for bulletin boards, and postcards for distribution, so you can rally support for your group and get the word out! There are several ways for your group to participate:

Fundraising Options

  1. Option 1 -- Collect Donated Items & Consign for Your Group to Raise Funds! You can sign up your non-profit group as a consignor for the event. Enter and tag your items as you would normally using the group's consignor number. At the end of the sale, your group will receive a check for 60% of all items sold minus the $10 consignor fee. If someone from your group volunteers at the sale for at least 6 hours, your group can earn 10% more! The group will be entitled to three Consignor Presale passes to shop before we open to the general public. Earlier shopping privileges may be earned through volunteering to help at the sale. Instead of asking your supporters to purchase something, you will help them clean out their closets! You have the additional selling point that any contributions to the group are considered a TAX DEDUCTION!

    All you need to do is:

    1. 1. Sign up and get a consignor number for your group.
    2. 2. Collect items to be sold
    3. 3. Select a coordinator for your group who will enter and tag your items for the event and bring them to the sale during the drop-off time.

  2. Option 2 -- Group Service Fundraising Opportunity We are accepting nominations for non-profit organizations to help us at our events in return for a $250 donation to the organization or a cause supported by the organization!

    For each donation, we ask the organization to commit 10 or more individuals (age 16 or older) for 4 hours each to help at our events with either the equipment move in/set up process or the unsold item sort and equipment breakdown process. Time slots are filled on a first come, first served basis and are as follows:

    Snuggle Bugs Move In/Set up:
    Number of Groups: Accepting up to 2 groups/20 people
    Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

    1. 10:00am - 2:30pm (half hour lunch at 12:30 - pizza will be provided)
    2. Tasks: Volunteers will need to do a fair amount of light lifting/carrying and basic assembly.

    Snuggle Bugs Item Sort:
    Number of Groups: Accepting up to 2 groups/20 people
    Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018

    1. 7:00pm - 11:00pm
    2. Tasks: The unsold item sort involves moving clothing and other items and sorting them according to our instructions, requiring good attention to detail.

    Participants in this program will need to qualify separately to earn individual volunteer privileges, which include presale shopping with us before we open to the public AND a higher consignor payout if consigning with us.

    For complete details, please contact us.

    **Fundraising options may be combined. To sign up to fundraise, please email us at or call 412-832-0642. We look forward to working with you and your organization!

    Community Service Opportunities…

    Time spent volunteering with Snuggle Bugs may help students fulfill community service requirements. As a small local company, we need as many helping hands as possible to help us before, during, and after our events. The events benefit the community by providing quality, affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories for local families allowing families on a budget to provide for their growing families without breaking the bank. In addition to earning community service hours, volunteers earn the additional benefit of being able to shop with us BEFORE we open to the public – giving them access to our full inventory and the greatest deals!

    We can't wait to work with you!

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